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  • davidvdavidv
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    As you are probably aware by now Plogue is development team behind ARIA, the new light footprint SFZ playback engine behind many commercial applications, including Garritan's new line of instruments (Steinway, GPO v4.0), AKAI's EWI USB device, Sony's ARIA for ACID player, Finale 2009/2010 Instruments, Microsoft Songsmith, etc.

    We wanted to create a room for hobbyist sample developers and users to share experiences, and ask question about the art of building custom SFZ instruments that can be played back inside any ARIA-based products (through drag and drop or import menu), and to an very limited extent, inside other third party SFZ file players out there.

    Please don't use this forum for any technical question regarding any of the ARIA products themselves (their sound programming, behavior)

    For any Garritan product-related questions, head to:

    For any Dimension, and Drop Zone head to:

    This forum is there for everyone to enjoy this great format which was developed originally by Rene Ceballos, and later acquired by Cakewalk.
    This is NOT an official SFZ Body forum, as Plogue doesn't represent the industry, nor the Cakewalk company in any way.

    The SFZ spec is an open specification and this forum is MOSTLY a courtesy to current ARIA users venturing into SFZ.
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    Hello caher

    Yes SFZ is that kind of thing. I for certain would never want to go back to editing patches using a UI for anything else than bare sample mapping.

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