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ARIA's unimplemented SFZ 2.0 opcodes
  • davidvdavidv
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    General unimplemented opcodes (updated January 2013):

    reverse_locc/reverse_hicc (alternatively use two regions, one with direction=reverse then switch region with a locc/hicc

    lotimer/hitimer (if theres a need)

    <effect> unimplemented opcodes [/b]:
    all effect types in use by Dimension and Cakewalk products,
    we are instead using a "type=com.vendor.product" style logic using a currently private SDK.

    wet, dry and bus: currently being worked on.

    implemented but mis behaving as of ARIA

    rt_dead :
    applies rt_dead=off regardless. If you need release triggers with no previous attack (and dont care about sustain and sostenuto switches)... use trigger=release_key instead

    stop_beats we are only using delay_beats with an end statement instead
    polyphony=legato_XXX : (we are using custom MIDI procs for that)

    SFZ 2.0 LFO-related unimplemented opcodes
    No lfo->lfo link.
    lfoXX_step : being worked on. 

     SFZ 2.0 EG-related unimplemented opcodes

    egXX_glide_time : instead of defining glide_time as a destination, we implement portamento/glide using standard pitch destination and CC140 (delta between two previous keys - ARIA specific)

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