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Using Soundfonts with ARIA
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    I have just upgraded from Garritan Personal Orchestra 2 to GPO 4 with the ARIA engine. ARIA seems to be a lot more user friendly than the old Kontakt 2 player. The manual says that you can use soundfont files with ARIA, but I can't import any of my .sf2 files, and I can't seem to find .sfz files on the internet. Can anyone suggest where I can find some .sfz instruments files? Also, will ARIA be able to use .sf2 files in the future?


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    We dont hld a list of sites that have SFZ files on them, maintaining such a list would be lengthy

    As far as native support for SF2 files in the future, you never know!

    You can use off the shelf sample converters to convert many types of files to SFZ. Awave, Extreme Sample Converter and Chicken Systems Translator all offer some form of SFZ conversion
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    SFZed, the free sfz editor, can convert soundfonts to sfz files, and is more accurate than other translators, in my experience:
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    Some free ones:
    A nice Vibraphone, a tiny Snare and others. THe 5$ Uprigth bass is very good btw.
    A deeply sampled Snare and Kick drum, as well as a Mellotron
    SFZ Mappings for free libraries in other formats
    Tingsha, Zil and other Plings and Plongs
    Fan driven reed organ

    I am working on SFZs for the MIS orchestral samples found here:, chopped versions here:

    These will make a great addition to GPO, but it will take some time to get them done, as the samples badly need tuning. Will post when I am done.

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