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Sforzando GUI XML reference
  • I am wanting to know if there is any official information regarding the custom GUI XML code for Sforzando?

  • I understand mostly everything except the <key> tag with data string in the very beginning?  (this is found in the first XML document in the instrument (instrument volume directory).  

    Is this a check sum or data generated from a developer code?

  • pljonespljones
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    As I understand it, OEM suppliers get assigned a unique key, which the Aria Player recognises.  This enables certain features that can't be accessed otherwise.  It's not a checksum, as far as I know - if you have a few of the Aria-based libraries, you'll see the values are all similar.
  • Considering that Sforzando can render a GUI, is there any plans in the near future to open it up to normal users?   As the GUI seems very easy to create, and very professional.  (any developers out there?)

    Also does anyone know the process of becoming a partner to obtain a developer key?

  • sphairasphaira
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    I'm interested too in the process of creating a custom interface to a sound bank and how intall it (presets will be available from the interface Sforzando).

    A wiki would be welcome!
  • davidvdavidv
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    We do have wiki resources for our UI logic, but currently that is reserved for our official OEM business partners.

    please get in touch off line for more details.

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    Hi, could I just ask for some clarification.... are you saying that a key is necessary to develop an instrument with a GUI or is a key only necessary to enable the <effect> type=, err, "bidules"? :)
  • davidvdavidv
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    a key is necessary for any custom UI.  Custom effect require a separate SDK, currently effects are not linked to license, but they might soon.,
  • dcopedcope
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    Hi, the Aria engine seems like it could be the perfect solution for what I need for some projects I would like to develop, how do I contact you offline for more information about the development key, via the contact form on the Plogue site?


  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    Hi Dan,

    Yes please submit your project to us at our web site's contact forms.


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