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Sforzando don't recognize CC#1
  • hillocomhillocom
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    Hello. This is my first post. Excuse me for my poor English.

    I use Sforzand on SONAR X2
    I want to add  vibration to my Trumpet sound by modulation wheel.
    So, I wrote 

      set_cc1=127 label_cc1=modulation

    on the top of the sfz file. Then, "modulation" item appeared on control tab 
    and could change the value by modulation wheel.

    But the sounds never change.
    What is not enough or mistake ???
    Doesn't Sforzando recognize MIDI CC#1 ? 

  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    MIDI CC1 is a CC like others, it doesn't necessarily mean it should target "A pitch LFO of 6Hz that goes -100 +100 cents" 

    On top of giving it a name (for the UI) and initial value, you need to also define HOW this CC is going to interact with your samples. SFZ allow to use CC1 any way you like. Here is an example of multiple CCs targeting different parts of an LFO 





    //now that the LFO is defined, you have to send it to a target
    // and to define the CC1 modulation

    <region> sample=*sine

  • hillocomhillocom
    Posts: 5
    Thank you so much, Davidv. 
    I read your post and "The sfz Format: Basics" by Cakewalk again and again,
    then, add following phrase to each <group>


    SUCCEED ! :-bd

    Is there another way to add CCs that one phrase covers all regions, not add to each groups ?

    and anyone know instruction and examples about adding other MIDI CCs to SFZ file ?

  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    Hi, you can move those definitions under a <global> header at the top of the file, you wont have to redefine them for each <group>

    You can add lots of MIDI CCs in many places. You used the "old SFZ 1.0 lfo style" but this one will work in both sforzando and sfz.dll

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