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Lack of diagnostic on typo
  • pljonespljones
    Posts: 73

    I just found I had "volume=--12.24" in one of my sfz files -- sforzando was loading it without complaint, even with the two minus signs in front of the number.  Now, I know RenĂ© originally prefered silent failure when it was possible to continue parsing but stuff like this is (a) hard to spot visually and (b) sometimes pretty hard to diagnose when trying to pin down why an instrument sounds wrong.

    Is it possible to have a more strict syntax check on numeric values that triggers a pop-up warning?  Or is there something already present?


    -- Peter
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    I wish to redo some of the parsing logic to even give you the exact line an error was found. But its very hard to catch each and every potential typo/syntax.
  • pljonespljones
    Posts: 73
    I can imagine - even just a "some numeric was incorrect in file xxx" would help hugely.  (For me, as I split stuff up into so many files...)

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