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release sample not triggered after using keyswitch
  • I am creating an instrument that uses two zones that can be accessed using keyswitches:
    • A0: "oboe staccato"
    • A#0: "oboe legato" with release samples
    I am using sforzando as my SFZ player. If I am playing "oboe legato" (triggered by A#0), the release samples sound as expected when releasing the note. However, if I hold down a legato note and then switch to "oboe staccato" using keyswitch A0, the release sample will not be played upon releasing the held note. Likewise, holding down a note from the "oboe staccato" zone, switching to "oboe legato" and releasing the key results in the release sample from "oboe legato" being played.

    Is there any way to link the release samples to the zone that was active during the note-on event rather than the zone that is active during the note-off event?
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    I'm afraid key switching in SFZ is really similar to a Program Change, the entire state of the internal logic will only look at the new key switch range. (we tried in Dimension Pro/Drop Zone and its the same behavior) 

    It obviously gets worse when you also have release triggers in BOTH KS groups. 

    In any case thats a very interesting discovery,  and food for thought for improvements.


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