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Where do the drums start?
  • klodvigklodvig
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    Hi all,

    I've been testing to convert a couple of soundfonts to sfz with sforsando. E.g. FluidR3_GM_SF2 and SGM-V2_01_sf2 which i found here

    I find the sfz txt-files will be stored in subdirectories beginning with "000" and continuing (with gaps) upto directory "128". I assume these corresponds to different midi banks where bank 0 is tored in directory "000" etc

    The drums sfz-files seems to occupy subdirectory "128" and also "127" and for some fonts even in directory "126" etc. I guess theses belongs to the different drum banks.

    But how do these drum directories map to midi-banks? If the midi tune plays channel 10 and requests a program/drum from bank 0, where do I look for this? In directory "128", "127" or "126"?

    And where do the non drum-directories end and where do do the drum-directories start? Is there a way to tell if the converted directory belongs to the drums or to the other intruments?
  • Hi,

    First of all, sforzando doesn't support midi bank change messages. The location of the drum patches will vary depending on each sf2 file programming.

    sforzando being monotimbral you will have to set one up for every track in your daw project and manually select which patch goes to each channel.

    I'm not totally sure it's the answer you were after, feel free to add more details so we can help you any further.


  • klodvigklodvig
    Posts: 8
    Hi. Thanks for answering.

    I'm talking about converting soundfonts to sfz. Not about playing them with sforzando. I have my own player to do that. (Which do banks by the way).

    A nice thing about soundfonts is when you have the complete 128 instruments GM set you can switch between soundfonts and still have the piece play the right instruments.

    Sforzando seems to make a good job in preserving this layout when converting soundfonts, allowing you to do the same switch when you use sfz. Except for the drums, where it's not clear where the drums are stored.

    Even if you have to set up the playback manually for each instrument/track (as you say is the case when using sforzando as sfz-player) I would guess it's beneficient to know where the drums are stored.

    If I may come with a humble suggestion it would be to leave the maps "000" - "127" reserved for the non-drum instrument banks and store the drums in maps "128" and upwards.
  • davidvdavidv
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    A sfz player with support for program changes? linuxsampler?

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