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Learning sforzando
  • amcamc
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    Is there a tutorial/reference manual on sforzando? I only need basic info, thinks like if sforzando is multi-in and multi-out, which midi message does it understand, .. thinks like that.
  • pljonespljones
    Posts: 73
    Sforzando responds to MIDI commands based on the SFZ file you load into it.  You can read about SFZ in a number of places:
    - (sfz1) my web site or the official guide
    - (sfz2) The Linux Sampler Project used to have a document you could view with their implementation details listed out but it seems inaccessible now
    - (both) Simon Cann includes fairly detailed coverage of the format in his book Calkwalk Synthesizers From Presets To Power Users 2nd Edition

    In addition, you'll want to read the reference posts here, to see the differences that Sforzando has from the above.

    The standalone client supports receiving MIDI input from multiple sources.  The VSTi plugin, of course, takes its input from the host.  In either case it has a single stereo pair for output.  If I remember correctly, multiple VSTi instances will share a single pool of samples, which helps if you want to do "pseudo multi-out" set ups.

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