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Missing loop_mode?
  • klodvigklodvig
    Posts: 8
    When converting soundfonts with sforzando it seems that the loop_mode is missing in the drum files. The spec states that if the sample contains loop points (loop_start and loop_end), and no loop_mode is defined it should default to loop_continues, which sounds logical (why define loop points if not looping?). But the drum tracks will be terrible noisy when played this way (continuous snare hits till note off). It will sound more like the original soundfont when played with loop_mode=oneshot. My suggestion is to add loop_mode=one_shot in the drum conversion when that is what is meant in the original soundfont.
  • Hi!

    Unfortunately, as far as I know, there's no way for sforzando to detect if the sf2 you're trying to convert is drums or any other instrument. It won't edit the samples themselves if they have embeded metadata either.

    Your best bet is to open the converted sfz file and add the loop_mode=one_shot yourself.

  • klodvigklodvig
    Posts: 8

    It has nothing to do if it's a drum or not (i was just merely checking a couple of drum files). If an original soundfont plays a sample in one shot mode it should still play it in one shot mode even when converted to sfz. Don't you think? May it be piano sample, a guitar, hihat or whatever incl drums.
  • I totally agree.

    Does all the sf2 you tried have the same problem? I've tried a few on my side and they play as it should.

    otoh, the resulting sfz file show loop_mode=loop_continuous for each region, but the envelope decay and sustain parameters are set so the layers only play once as intended.

  • klodvigklodvig
    Posts: 8
    No, the Grand Piano sfz file from the same soundfont seems to be correct because it explicitly sets loop_mode = loop_continues.

    It could be that the default loop mode for soudfonts is one_shot while it's loop_continues for sfz when the samples have loop_points defined. And then the soundfont->sfz converter forgets to add the one_shot loop_mode beacuse it isn't (and needn't be) there in the original soundfont.

    I just thought I should mention this conversion bug (or be proven wrong!)

    And no, the only envelope param set is ampeg_release=10.998 and the loop points lie 0.6s apart so there will be plenty of snare hits for a single note on!

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