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Sforzando Effects possibilities
  • I have a few question about effects in Sforzando :

    • Sforzando has Effects bus (Like Cakewalk SFZ Player) or that it is part of OEM business partners ?
    • The Impulse Response effect will be added in a future release or not ?
    • How to simulate the classic effects of chorus, reverb or phaser in Sforzando ?


    PS : I am planning a development of sounds banks, that's why I'm asking this kind of question that allow me to remove sounds impossibilities.

  • davidvdavidv
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    sforzando has little effects of its own (except from the MDA plugins - which are under BSD license).

    (PC version only for now)

    Most other ARIA products install their own effets, so if you use them you wont have the same results across users.

  • I have a few question about Sforzando effects :

    • How to use it ?
    • Could it be implemented in SFZ file ?
    • (if yes for the last question) Are my SFZ files becomes dependent of Sforzando with the use of this effects ?


  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    Any SFZ file that depends on custom plugins and interface will only work in their own player, so it should be avoided unless you only target ARIA Player/sforzando.

    To use the PC=only bundled MDA plugins for your own SFZ files you would do something like:


    param_offset=512 //ARIA specific to create sub-blocks of the flat parameter space for targets

    set_cc512=64 //whatever

    set_cc513=127 //whatver 


    type= //any of the following


    sadly theres no way to query the list of params through SFZ/ARIA, but the parameter order match the released source code and equivalent VST versions

    More available plugins type are listed in ariaplugins_x86/x64.cache in your user's Roaming\Plogue\Aria folder

  • Very good news !

    Thank you for this informations, this will help me a lot. Aria Engine is a great Script Sound Manipulator !

    Another questions about Sforzando FX integration :
    • Is it possible to add this effects to the GUI (in the <tabview> node for example) ?
    • Is it possible to make standard FX multi plateform in a future release (So my SFZ become Sforzando dependent but not plateform) ?

  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    if you use set_cc and label_cc, then the controls will appear in sforzando.

    and yes, MDA plugins should be in the mac build.

  • Ok.

    Thanks for your answers.
  • Hi, David,

    I can't see any available plugins except the MDA. No any plugin cache in my Roaming folder. I only have sforzando installed. Are the standard effects like Chorus and Reverb only available in the commercial products?
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    In short yes.
  • well, i'm still waiting on the 'pro' version of sforzando.... or should i just grab one of garritan's products?
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    Pro, if any wont be out any time soon.

    Some garritan products include effects, but most are not documented for 'external' use.

  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    Well, i just need to build my own recorded acoustic drum kit for use in an album project.
    I guess i'll just grab personal orchestra at the time the project begin.
    Thanks for the answer, David

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