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SF2 Conversion - Fix decay?
  • I converted a set of 4 SF2 files I had all for one 1GB piano instrument (The Upright) into multiple SFZs with Sforzando, I then #include each of these files in one SFZ which I load into Sforzando - it (almost) works great! However somehow in the process the notes cut off instantly upon key-off, and adjusting none of the parameters seems to fix this (one enables the pedal which is a sort of fix but sounds messy). How can I make it so there is a decay time, so releasing the note fades it off more gradually? Thanks!
  • Hi Jimmy,

    You need to set  ampeg_release=x (x=time in seconds). A release time under 1 second should feel more natural.

    Hope this helps!

  • Perfect! I put ampeg_release=0.5 inside the <master> section in each sfz and the problem is resolved. Thanks!

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