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WAV or MP3 to SFZ
  • How do I make a WAV or MP3 file usable in SFZ format so that I can use it the Aria player (with Finale)? Thanks.
  • pljonespljones
    Posts: 73
    1. Create a text file called "whateveryoulike.sfz"
    2. Enter
    <region> sample=myWav.wav
    3. Save the file

    That's it.  Put the file in the same folder as the sample and you're done.
  • What do I enter for "region"? Thanks.
  • pljonespljones
    Posts: 73
    The only things you need to change are the filenames.  Everything else is literal text.
  • Thanks. I also discovered that installing Sforzando lets the Aria player prepare WAV files for SFZ use on the fly.

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