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sforzando in Pro Tools 11
  • Hi, thanks for a great product. I have spent the last hour googling and looking through the user manual and these forums, trying to find an answer but have been unsuccessful. I have downloaded v1.699 of sforzando for Mac, in the hopes of using it as a Pro Tools 11 plugin. However, I have been unable to make Pro Tools recognise or at least display sforzando as a plugin. I have tried deleting the "InstalledPlugins" file and restarting Pro Tools, to no avail. Am I missing a step? Is there something I have forgotten to do? This is driving me crazy, thanks for your help!
  • Hi Gunther,

    It works fine for me. Although there's a very exact recipe for success: you need a stereo instrument track. You should see sforzando as a multichannel plugin in the Inserts menu. 

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