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Can't install AAX - Sforzando 1.669
  • donaldonal
    Posts: 2

    I'm having trouble installing the AAX version of Sforzando. I'm on Pro Tools 11 (so can only use AAX), OSX Lion 10.7.5, running in 64bit. Every time I run the installer, the options for RTAS/VST/AU  are available but the option for AAX is greyed-out, with the action listed beside it as 'skip'. Has anyone else encountered this? Am I missing something glaringly obvious?

  • donaldonal
    Posts: 2
    Is the install package for 1.665 available anywhere? Just in case that happens to work.
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    Pro Tools 11 is only officially supported on 10.8 and up, we did the same, sorry.

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