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Aria Player 16x stereo Vs. 16 instances of SFZ for resource management
  • Has anyone done any experimentation to see the difference in using one instance of the Aria Player plugin vs. sixteen instances of SFZ player plugin for the exact same Garritan instruments (either mono or stereo)? I have a lot of RAM, a fast processor, and the programs and samples on a Solid-State Disk and am still maxing out one core of my processor using the Aria Player plugin.
  • davidvdavidv
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    Instrument for instrument the cpu usage between ARIA Player and sforzando is exactly the same.

    There is a slight overhead in running lots of instances for one instrument vs multiple instruments in ARIA Player. Though this is offsetted by the possibility for your host to run multiple such instances in parallel.

    However if by maxed you mean that you get disk losses and not cpu overload, then nothing will be gained, and there should be no difference in either scenario

  • That's good to know davidv. Perhaps the best option for setting up my orchestral templates in Logic Pro X is to use separate instances of Sforzando player for each instrument and save them as "patches". That way I can individually mute or turn channel strips off that aren't being used to save resources.
    Would you suggest setting the DynMax and pre-caching as low as possible with a solid-state disk or loading more into RAM on a large orchestral template? :)

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