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What does a negative amplfo_depth mean?
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    As amplfo_depth is in dB (not linear), you need to be careful on the values you place in there.

    And note that most negative numbers in SFZ have undefined (and especially non standard) results.

    I usually avoid LFO's targetting the volume target and go straight for lfo01_amplitude=100 to work in linear gain.
  • Oh, sorry for asking such daft question. -10db means of course that the amplitude should vary -10db during an lfo cycle.

    I began to wonder about the lfo-amp definitions when I played the vibraphone patch of converted soundfont. It sounds as the vibrato is twice to fast compared to the original soundfont. I think that either your conversion or playing is a bit incorrect in this way.

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