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BPM Syncronization
  • Hello dear.

    The Cakewalk says that one of the features of sfz format is
    " Sample playback synchronized to host tempo "

    then, can Sforzand Vsti play samples synchronized with the tempo set by host DAW  ?
    How to write sfz files for this ?
  • SFZ 1.0 format (not saying this is in sforzando as I've not tried it) uses:
    lobpm and hibpm -- to allow you to specify a range of bpm for a region to play within
    sync_beat - to specify the sync frequency in beats
    sync_offset - to specify the offset from the sync beat in beats
    "Unofficial" 1.0 opcode delay_beats allows for a further delay (in fractions of a beat, presumably)

    See for lobpm/hibpm
    See for sync_beat/sync_offset
    See for delay_beats
  • Thank you so much for your answer, Pljones.
    I tried but I couldn't get the result I hoped.

    I thought "Sample playback syncronized to host tempo" means,
    for exsample, when host DAW's tempo is set in BPM=70, 
    a sample that recorded in BPM=120 stretched to BPM=70.
    It seems impossible in sfz at this time.

    Anyway thank you so much. 
  • davidvdavidv
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    There are a few ways to go about this.
    For the most SFZ compatible method, you could do as sforzando's ACID wav import feature.
    (just drag an acidized wav on the UI and edit the resulting SFZ file to get an idea)

    This assumes you have your loops already defined as chunks.

    The other method would be to make pitch/tuning calculations based on the currently ARIA-specific BPM CC142
    (note this number might change in the future)

    This said as you know, pitch shifting is a whole different thing than time stretching. So maybe the first option might be your only one.

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