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Fluid R3 GM SFZ (version 1)
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    Hi everybody,

    Here the sfz version of the fluid gm soundfont that i made myself several years ago and i just done some edit/update to make it better with sforzando.
    I was thinking to update it to sfz v2 (with cc & controls, etc.) but since i got no reply regarding permission from the author, i think to just let this is as v1, without any cc, channel aftertouch or any sf2 modulator converted.

    Well, it's a good free old stuff, who knows could be useful to somebody.
    For the samples, it should be easy to find the soundfont around the net. Just extract the wav files using any sf2 editor and put them in the "Samples" folder.

    Hopefully it's okay to share this in here:
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    Thanks for sharing, yes any SFZ related links are welcome!
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    YW, davidv
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    Hello Davidv,

    I want to ask a question if this is the same loop point bug as that i've asked before.

    There is a preset in the fluid sf2, the Saw Wave, which use loop points to alter sound and pitch.
    If you have time to take a look at this, here is the preset file with its original setting:

    The loop_start/end at the second layer (PF pulse saw phat) make the pitch lower and it transposed back up with transpose=7 to make it unison.
    The preset is fine with the old rgc's but with sforzando it has the pitch issue.
    Or this kind of setting should be avoided?
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    you would need to define "pitch issues"
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    It maybe not exactly "pitch issue".
    The case is, with the alternate loop start/end, the saw waveform's pitch become lower (-7 semitones).
    But sforzando played it at it's original pitch (higher than it should) which probably that alternate loop start/end doesn't work.

    Sorry if this a bit confusing.
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453


    Sorry, you are right it is tied to the same bug.

    Since that one is pretty major (now that this sort of trick is in use), I think I'll address it today!


  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    Thanks a lot
  • Hi kinwie, there's a lot of opcodes related to aftertouch, cc and modulation even in sfz version 1. Don't you think they can be used?
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    hi Klodvig,

    yes, they are of course can be used.
    but since i've tried to ask permission from the author to transform it to native sfz format, i got no more reply. Frank Wen (the author) did answer my email once.
    maybe he pissed-off if somebody made modification to his works, LOL
    so without any permission from him, i'm not dare to make any updates (even actually in this version i've made numerous fixes but at the sfz file level, not modifying the original samples)

    well...what i actually had in mind, is to reprogram this soundfont and utilize sforzando's power and features so the presets will have useful controls and options (and i already create the templates for those controls)

    as i've said at this first post, at the moment i just let this as the v1 format.
    if you find this useful, please feel free to add those controls that you need. this sfz is just the same as its soundfont, it's free and welcome to anybody to add/modify anything to it, to fit personal flavour.
  • Sorry, I misinterpreted your message, reading it as you were the author of the original soundfont, not the sfz-file. How does your sfz-file compares to the one you get when converting the original soundfont with sforzando? Does it convert any modulators?
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    I don't know, i never compare them.
    But in my opinion, if something seems not right with the sforzando's auto-converted-sf2, we should do checking in the sf2 file, because the problems or bugs mostly came from the soundfont itself, not from the converter.
    So they probably sounds the same :D

    As far as i know, sforzando already cover the sf2's default modulators very well, the cc1 (vibrato), cc11 (expression) and aftertouch (cc129). Pitch wheel, pan (7) & volume (10) already available at the interface.
    The cc91 & 93, reverb and chorus level are not available as we don't have those fx in sforzando.
    And it seems only Velocity to cutoff & volume are not converted (which are valued -2400 cents & 96 dB as default)

    very funny though, sforzando is the best sfz player and also the best soundfont player LOL
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61

    this is done in a stupid way, as i'm only musician not a sampler scientist LOL, after two hours doing copy and paste, here's the version of this Fluid R3 GM in sfz bank version.

    Use program change to select preset just like using a GM bank and use cc0 or the "Perc/Melodic" at sforzando's control section to select :
    - Drum & Percussion bank, 0-95%
    - Melodic bank, 96-100%

    This is a testing version but hopefully can be useful, enjoy!
    p.s. If anybody needs the samples and if it's okay to share, i can upload them.

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