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Loop clicks in Aria but not in Kontakt... any workarounds?
  • Hi all,
      I've been manually converting a .NKI file into .SFZ. Same samples, same loop_start and loop_end values. But when imported in Aria, I hear these terrible, loud  loop clicks - which I can't hear in Kontakt.

    Is there some other opcode that would decrease the loop click noise? Perhaps some sort of loop crossfade? Thanks in advance...!

  • After listening more carefully, I believe I've identified the problem. Kontakt has two kinds of loop modes:
    'Until End', and 'Until End <->'. In the second mode, upon reaching loop_end, the direction is reversed, until it reaches loop_start, thus bouncing back and forth between the loop points in a ping-pong manner. The advantage is that there are no jarring jumps in amplitude/tone at either loop_end or loop_start. If I choose the first mode, it sounds exactly the same as Aria (as bad!). The second mode is obviously more sophisticated.

    Question: is there a way of reversing loop direction at loop_start/loop_end in Aria/SFZ?
  • davidvdavidv
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    there are opcodes for this already, but whoopie doo, not in the book (again)

    loop_type=forward //default



    Have a look at the WAV format's smpl chunk for an equivalent of this (

    ARIA currently only supports loop_type=forward, I would need to add the two others.

    Mention of the opcode:

  • Thanks. I spent the bulk of the  last 24 hours editing the .wav files, reversing the loop and inserting it back in place. I first tried using Audacity, but doing it with a mouse proved painful, so I switched to the excellent Sox command-line utility. Now it sounds as good as it does in Kontakt...! Until Aria supports 'backward' and 'alternate', I hope this helps somebody else in my position. But be warned, it is a tedious and painful exercise. A gentle request for this feature to be implemented as soon as possible!

    I did not know that the WAV format itself had support for looping, let alone different loop modes. Can you clarify this: even though Aria does not support the SFZ opcodes for backward and alternate, would it recognize the modes in the WAV file and respond accordingly?
  • The book also mentions loop_crossfade, which is also not implemented. Again, here's a request for this opcode to be implemented.
  • davidvdavidv
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    Loop crossfade is really a way to dynamically massage samples that you cant edit (already shipped in the field), but is very inefficient. If we need to do crossfade loops, we really do it when we prepare the sample set, because each and every disk access is precious when streaming.

    I could implement it for ram based sounds, but this is the first request in 5 years for this opcode.

  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    As far as the WAV format, yes ARIA would lift this info from it, just like it does for loop points.

    I dont know how many WAV files in the field have this loop_type set properly though.

    (this is another pita, living with tons of bad wavs)

  • kinwiekinwie
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    i prefer disk & ram resource for polyphony or instances :)
  • (*OT* ...mutter... I'd still like to be able to get the engine to just load everything into RAM if I tell it I have enough... 32Gb and it still won't... *OT*)
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    if you have the x64 version just set DYN RAM MAX to as high as you can, then load

    it will stream, but never free a block it previously read.

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