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'Safe' trick for amplfo_depth using in sforzando
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    As i agrree to Davidv said that it's better to use lfoX_amplitude for volume LFO, here's a nice safe-trick when using amplfo opcode :

    - Add a volume=-X (minus X)
    * or group_volume=-X at the <group> (thanks to davidv for this opcode!)
    - X is the value of the amplfo_depth=, regardless it's positive or negative

    And this is an example to test, using mod wheel for the 'tremolo fx' :


    When the mod wheel or sforzando's CC01 control raised, the volume lfo depth become deeper (up to 48 dB) but the volume level is safely preserved.

    Hope this can be useful.
    But please note, maybe this trick don't work well on grandpa or other sfz player
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    aww, sorry, wrong click on the 'Ask A question'
    it should be Start a discussion :)

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