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ARIA Engine v1.713 build
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453


    Since lots of issues were addressed and new opcodes were supported since the last build, figured I could start a new sort of thread each time I feel an ARIA Engine build is ready for testing, but should still regarded as beta. This build is not officially supported by MakeMusic QA, so please do not install if you are a regular user of ARIA Player!! Once the build is deemed stable, it will eventually be officially supported.

    Aria Engine Revision History

    Version April 15 2014
    Win: Fixed automatic .sfz reload when editing

    Version April 14 2014
    OS X: Better loading protection in Logic X
    OS X: Refresh issue on standalone when not registered

    Version April 10 2014
    Fixed regression in bank parsing

    Version April 3nd 2014
    Added Pan in graph
    Fixed some SFZ Error messages were not shown

    Version March 24 2014
    Fixed: Recalling sessions stalls under certain DAWs.

    Version March 14 2014
    Protection against some malformed sfz files.

    Version March 11 2014
    User presets appear in menus without a restart.

    Version March 03 2014
    Version February 26th 2014
    Assets do not reload across graph changes

    Version February 24th 2014
    Graph's Stereo Mixer has configurable slider scaling

    Version February 19th 2014
    Version February 17th 2014
    XML GUI: Can now add/remove entries in both Preset and File Menus

    Version February 13th 2014
    Fixed: serializing of implicit CC7/CC10
    Fixed: non HD parameters should not cause <curve> interpolation

    Version February 11th 2014
    Added local help file support

    Version February 7th 2014
    Audio sub sections support

    Version February 5th 2014
    Added Internal MIDI Velocity Scaler

    Version February 4th 2014
    Fixed World's SoleVoice processing

    Version January 29th 2014
    Added: Cancel button when loading big instruments
    Fixed: SFZ: More than one loop point in separate regions using same audio file.
    Fixed: SFZ: width now properly handled

    Version January 24th 2014
    Version January 20th 2014
    Version January 16th 2014
    Version January 15th 2014
    Version January 10th 2014
    Version January 9th 2014
    Instrument graphs parameter propagation fixes
    Scala files can now use non-ASCII file encodings

    Version December 20th 2013
    Version December 16th 2013
    Added MIDI Octave Transpose feature

    Version December 11th 2013
    Improved SFZ parsing efficiency

    Version December 5th 2013
    Added polyaft input controls and modulation
    Fixed all pass filter calculation error
    Fixed lfo->decim fixed
    Added freq_lfo and depth_lfo targets

  • kinwiekinwie
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    Thanks a lot, very appreciated

    I'm wondering how this works :
    Version February 5th 2014
    Added Internal MIDI Velocity Scaler
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    Thats for the so called Aria 'graph' instruments and not for SFZ files sadly. So only available for commercial products.
  • kinwiekinwie
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    I see...

    Do you think is this an acceptable idea? Since sforzando & Aria support loprog/hiprog, using program changes to select sounds :
    Add an opcode for Program name, like maybe: prog_label=

    I think that is quite similiar to the Keyswitch label function :) and i know it maybe not part of the sfz spec but specific to player and in this case, sforzando just unbelievable great! playing an sfz bank

    I did a test with that GM sfz bank i posted. Import a regular midi song from internet, loading 8 instances of sforzando for 8 midi tracks inside pro tools 10. Buffer size at 512 samples, cpu hit only 4-6%. At 128 samples cpu hit 7-10%. That is awesome! Then, i just can't see within sforzando which one is bass, drums or piano, etc... :D

    So who knows, sfz bank can be added to any developer's product line in the future...
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    prog_label would be a very interesting idea, except for the fact that the UI would need to display that info somewhere by default, and program change values are not exactly very much in use in my experience with sample libs.

    One thing which you can already use right now in sforzando is to use global_label master_label group_label and region_label (the last of which is filled by default with the sample= string.)

    So if you already use loprog/hiprog in a master or global section, just add a master_label= or global_label in there and the text will show up in the INFO tab.

  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453



    loprog=0 hiprog=0

    global_label=Acoustic Piano

  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    ahh, great!

    that works and just nice!
    i won't be program-blind anymore...thanks again...
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    one more thing, just want to make sure

    i remember somewhere in here that you said,
    <master> section will be removed?
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    Hum not removed, since loads of our stuff uses it Merely deprecated if I create an unlimited hierarchy.
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    i'm updating that gm...
    i notice two things :

    - i can put group_label= at the <master>
    - master_label= have to be placed before #include

    can you please confirm that? and tell me am i doing correctly?

    example of the file :

    global_label=Bank : 000
    locc0=121 hicc0=127
    locc32=0 hicc32=0

    loprog=0 hiprog=0
    master_label=Program : 000
    group_label=Yamaha Grand Piano
    #include "01 Piano\Yamaha Grand Piano.sfz"


  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    You can use group_label master_label, region_label, etc anywhere technically they are just like other opcodes (they can be overwritten) but for clarity's sake its always best to use them where they belong.
  • kinwiekinwie
    Posts: 61
    get it, thanks...
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    Bump for new version. We feel its stable enough to be on the main page.

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