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Tune and Transpose functions not working?
  • BradBJSBradBJS
    Posts: 1
    I'm struggling with trying to get the "Tune" and "Transpose" functions to work in Sforzando. I have been converting an older Sample Cell
    library and assumed that not being able to access these two functions was related to the problems that might be carried over from the
    SC Instruments into the SFZ file (I doubt that is the case). However, I recently loaded several SFZ files converted from .wav samples from a
    newer library and noticed that the "Tune/Transpose" functions are still not available.

    Could someone please share any ideas about why these functions are not available?

  • pljonespljones
    Posts: 73
    Can you provide example SFZ code for what you see as not working and explain what you think it should do versus what actually happens?

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