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Problems with Sforzando Plugin in Renoise 3.0
  • sabercodesabercode
    Posts: 1
    Though this may be more specific than just that, when I load Shreddage into Sforzando in Renoise, the regions don't load correctly or pull from sample sources not specific to the articulations that it should be. It seems to be that the plugin itself is messed up or conflicting with the DAW in some way as Sforzando loads it correctly when standalone. Also, I have tried OpenMPT with the same problem. Both programs are also trackers, so it may be in some way exclusive to trackers themselves. I'm not entirely sure what more information may be needed, but I provided as much as I know of at this moment.
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453

    could you send us the logs

    at support at



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