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formatting sfz to play back in aria player (Finale HP problems)
  • In my previous version of Mac OS X I could play back a Korg soundfont via app DLSMusicDevice. That option is missing in my version of the latest OS (10.8.2) so I am importing the SFZ into the Aria player. There are some strange attacks and curves on the playback however - for example, a huge hairpin crescendo-decrescendo on long (half-note) downbeats. What edits can I make to the file (or to Finale HP) to calm down this SFZ?
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    There are quite a bit of variables at work in what you describe. First SF2 and SFZ are two distinct formats. Plogue sforzando only translates from the former to the latter, then opens it. There are always bits that are lost in translation, either minor or major, and I can't claim that the conversion code will do a perfect job in each and every scenario. 

    Second, you have Finale HP, which we (Plogue) know little about. For us its essentially a black box, which does quite a bit of MIDI voodoo depending on configuration files that are beyond our expertise. If Finale HP is not told that this configuration you require be applied to ARIA Player/sforzando, then no magic will be made on the MIDI.

    So combine the two and you dont get miracles :). I would however be curious in getting a copy of this particular sf2 file when I get back at the office to give it a spin and see how my converter fares. However for anything Finale HP related, you will have to ask the question on the MakeMusic forum.


  • It's already in SFZ format... and I don't know how I aquired it, as i've been using it a very long time. How do I attach the file? But i think you're right - the problem is most likely with makemusic HP voodoo. But editing something in the code might disable HP on this particular voice.

    EDIT: based on a comment in a google forum (of all places) I tried a dynamic marking on the sfz instrument's staff in a random, middle-of-the-piece location and the problem went away....both before and after the one dynamic marking. So now, on to cueing up some other SFZ voices.
  • davidvdavidv
    Posts: 453
    DLSMusicDevice does not play SFZ files. It plays DLS files.

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