• The ARIA Engine

    Customizable Interfaces


    Each product based on ARIA Engine can have a totally unique user interface tailored to the needs of that product based on a simple XML layout that allows multiple panes, transparent images and animations.

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    Modular Architecture


    The core engine is lightweight and lean to assure a high level of efficiency and stability. A maximum of features are based on plugins. This way, each product based on ARIA only contains its required features.

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    SFZ Open Format

    Open format

    ARIA’s default instrument file format is based on the SFZ File Format, a very powerful and open file format that is the new open standard.

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    Graceful Copy Protection

    Copy Protection

    Simply drag and drop a personalized graphic keycard onto the ARIA product interface is all it takes for the end-user to activate the product!

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    What is the ARIA Engine?

    The ARIA Engine is an audio sampling and synthesis Engine, developed by Plogue Art et Technologie Inc in collaboration with Garritan Corp now part of MakeMusic, Inc.

    It is fully compatible with 32bits and 64bits architectures on OS X, Windows and iOS. It can be used as a standalone application or as a VST, Audio Unit, RTAS or AAX plugin. It is based on the SFZ 1.0 / SFZ 2.0 open file formats for instrument programming and the Scala open file format to define scales and temperaments.

    The first software instrument in the ARIA engine was the Garritan Authorized Steinway Virtual Model D Piano Library, endorsed by and in cooperation with Steinway & Sons. Today, the ARIA Engine can be found in various software from Garritan, Plogue, AKAI, Sony, Microsoft and MakeMusic.