• Plogue releases chipsounds 1.6 !

    by  • September 10, 2012 • News

    chipsounds ( TwitterFacebookGoogle+ ), the software synth that faithfully emulates the 8-bit sound chips from classic video game consoles, home computers and arcade games has just been updated to 1.6! This update brings many new sounds, effects and features to this already feature-packed VST/AU/RTAS plug-in.

    In this release, Plogue gives a wink to the legendary Amiga computer by making possible to import sounds from .MOD, .MED, and .IFF (8SVX) files! As a bonus, the famous ST-01 sound pack is preloaded, tuned and categorized.

    Also new in this release:

    • Added analog sounds and effects from 6 of the most iconic arcade games
    • Added PC Speaker beep and casing resonance effect (i825x PIT + Speaker Impulse)
    • Added Custom Waveforms/Music Formulas (Viznut/co’s Experimental music from very short C programs)
    • Added 4-bit and DMC Mellotron Strings
    • New graphical design
    • Performance and Stability Improvements


    If you want to try out chipsounds for free OR if you are a registered chipsounds user, download chipsounds 1.6 here

    Purchase chipsounds here

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