• Garritan releases Jazz & Big Band 3

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    GARRITAN RELEASES JAZZ & BIG BAND 3.0 – Download Version

    Now featuring the new ARIA Sample Player and additional instruments

    Orcas Island, USA (April 21, 2010) — Garritan has announced that the new 3rd edition of its Jazz & Big Band collection is available in a download version. The world’s most popular jazz & big band sample library just got better! Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 is now powered by the ARIA Instrument Engine and adds new features, new instrument sounds and updated programming at a lower price. Existing users of previous versions of Jazz & Big Band 3 can download the upgrade for only $49.95. New customers can purchase and get it for $149.95.


    What’s New in JABB 3.0


    • New ARIA Advanced Instrument Engine – ARIA, a new and highly-optimized instrument engine, developed in collaboration with Plogue Art et Technologie Inc, goes beyond ordinary samplers. ARIA is intuitive, efficient and versatile, loads instruments quickly, and places very low demand on your computer’s processor. The ARIA engine has been rigorously tested and is widely used in products by Microsoft, SONY, AKAI, MakeMusic (Finale) and other industry leaders.

    • New Price – Instant Download! – JABB 3 is affordable, eco-friendly, and available on demand. Simply download and play. The entire JABB3 sample collection can be downloaded with a fast internet connection, dramatically reducing the product’s environmental impact and eliminating the waiting time associated with shipping.

    • Additional Sounds & Ensemble Presets – JABB 3 includes additional instruments such as organs, slap basses and harmonica. There are also extended ranges for select instruments and Ensemble Presets.

    • Auto Legato – JABB3′s new Auto Legato intelligently detects when you are playing a smooth line with overlapping notes and automatically applies correct legato transitions between notes. Creating realistic phrasing has never been easier. Auto Legato also makes playable trills extremely easy.

    • Integrated Ambience Reverb & Stereo Stage – JABB3 now integrates the high quality Ambience reverb with the ARIA Player with individual mixing sends for each instrument. Stereo Stage imparts spacious stereo imagery for JABB instruments.

    • MIDI Playback and Recording Features -The Standalone ARIA Player allows you to load and playback MIDI files. You can also produce audio recordings of the MIDI file or record yourself playing live.

    • Designed for Compatibility – JABB runs on both Macintosh and Windows and a variety of formats to fit your workstation and your workflow (VST, Pro Tools RTAS, and OSX Audio Units). It supports 64-bit platforms in Windows (works in Windows 7). JABB3 is further optimized for use with the AKAI EWI Wind Controllers and integrates with popular notation programs such as Finale 2010.

    • Graceful & Easy Authorization – ARIA authorization employs a personalized digital keycard. Simply drag and drop the personalized graphic card onto the ARIA Instrument Engine to authorize it and get playing in seconds.

    JAZZ & BIG BAND has become the industry standard and won prestigious industry awards including Electronic Musician’s ‘Editor’s Choice Award, Keyboard Magazine ‘Keybuy’ award, Sound on Sound ‘5 Star’ award, and Music Tech Magazines ‘Recommended’ award.

    This library contains over 60 individual instruments, and each instrument offers a great deal of real-time control, perhaps more so than any other sample library. Techniques unique to a particular instrument type are also represented (e.g., trumpet falloffs, doits, and even the characteristic “kiss” or “rip”) – all applied as needed by the user. Certain features, like trumpet and trombone “shakes” can be tailored to specific needs rather than limited to switchable recordings of particular shakes and the feature is now much easier to use than in previous versions of the library.

    Garritan Jazz & Big Band has developed an enthusiastic following for its “performance-driven” approach and ability to create realistic and expressive sounding jazz and big band music.

    Pricing: New Suggested Retail price: $149.95
    $49.95 downloadable upgrade for existing users
    DVD version coming soon

    Availability: Now

    For further information: www.garritan.com