• ARIA Engine Update

    ATTENTION: Users of Garritan ARIA PLAYER
    - ARIA PLAYER users should first look at updating their full ARIA PLAYER before running any ARIA ENGINE update.
    - An ARIA Player package also contains the ARIA Engine.
    - Since version 1.111, the ARIA Player version always match the version of the ARIA Engine packaged with it.
    - If the version of the Engine provided with the ARIA Player is older than the Engine offered below, users can update their Engine. Otherwise, running the update below is not recommended.
    How to update ARIA Player?

    1. Log in at garritan.com
    2. Go to “/My Account/Free Downloads”
    3. Download the latest version of the ARIA Player

    The files below are generic for updating the core engine of all products based on the ARIA Engine.

    DOWNLOAD: ARIA Engine update
    ARIA Engine 1.967 Update (Windows) DOWNLOAD
    ARIA Engine 1.967 Update (Mac OS X – 64-bit ONLY!!) DOWNLOAD

    Revision History

    Version June 12th 2020
     fixed implementation of hpf_1p
     fixed some more bank registration issues
     fixed parsing of on_lohdcc and start_lohdcc

    Version November 29th 2019
     macOs: some files may not open on Catalina

    Version November 4th 2019
     macOs: Fixed bank registration issues
     Windows HiDPI: Fixed issue when scaling more than 200%
    v1.961 November 29th 2019
    macOs:some files may not open on Catalina
    Version September 26th 2019
    Version September 12th 2019
    Version June 12th 2019
    Version May 7th 2019
     Windows: supports HiDPI for certain products

    Version October 30th 2017
     NKS support!
     Fixed: User LFOs not updated unless UI is up.

    Version March 16th 2017
     Windows: fixed network path decoding.
     Fixed hang in parsing some sfz files

    Version January 4th 2017
     Added <control> loop_end_offset=X opcode to macro-fix wrong loop end interpretating editors
     Fixed long standing aiff loop end point regression.

    Version December 16th 2016
    Version December 8th 2016
     Added product-custom import target outside of ARIA’s SFZ conversions.

    Version November 15th 2016
     Better streamer error reporting.

    Version October 24th 2016
    Version September 9th 2016
     Added MIDI Note Button.

    Version September 8th 2016
    Version August 30th 2016
    Version August 19th 2016
    Version August 10th 2016
    Version July 18th 2016
    Version June 28th 2016
    Version May 6th 2016
    Version May 4th 2016
    Version April 29th 2016
    Version April 14th 2016
     XMLGUI: Added optional ‘pow’ before scale and offset
     FIX: root pointing USER SFZ registry key check

    Version March 17th 2016
    Version March 10th 2016
     Fixed deadlock on Windows XP

    Version March 4th 2016
    Version February 19 2016
    Version February 4th 2016
    Version January 29th 2016
    Version January 26th 2016
     Fixed crash using tab key in data browsers

    Version January 15th 2016
    Version January 11th 2016
    Version December 18th 2015
    Version December 17th 2015
    Version December 16th 2015
    Version December 15th 2015
    Version December 10th 2015
    Version December 9th 2015
    Version November 24th 2015
     Fixed crash in using sfz’s output opcode
     Parameter recycling tweaks upon loading sfz in non empty slot.

    Version October 28th 2015
    Version September 17th 2015
    Version September 8th 2015
    Version Aug 24th 2015
     Banks can now provide presets
     Support for more inter-product path sharing

    Version 1.830 July 27th 2015
     OS X: Fixed session recall/registration problems under a sandbox (Garageband)

    Version May 6th 2015
    OptionMenu now handles keys
    OptionMenu now handles ctrl/cmd-click to reset to default value
    DragLabel now handles keys
    On/Off button now handles keys
    Keys are now sent to the control where the mouse is over
    Added registry/config key named DrawingBoundaries to draw a red frame around most controls
    OS X 32-bit: key handling should now work
    Windows: key handling should now work
    Windows: almost complete Direct2D implementation, still need to be able to enable dynamically

    Version March 12th 2015
    Protection against “Max Engine RAM Allocation” being lowered too dangerously

    Version February 24th 2015
    Version February 20th 2015
    Version February 9th 2015
    Fixed automation in certain hosts.

    Version January 13th 2015
    Version January 9th 2015
    Fixed effect emptying and recall issues.

    Version December 22th 2014
    Version December 19th 2014
    Version December 16th 2014
    Fixed possible loss of precision in saved sessions

    Version December 12th 2014
    MIDI CC’s targeting an automated slot and a defined param now update host parameter

    Version November 28 2014
    Version November 24 2014
    Implemented lfoXX_phase_oncc
    Improved FLAC memory efficiency

    Version October 31 2014
    Fixed Pro Tools 11 streamed sample recall.
    New ARIA-extension opcode (polyphony_stealing=1) protecting sustained notes

    Version October 17 2014
    iOS ARM64 fixes

    Version October 10 2014
    SDK: sample_dyn_params raised to 24 from 8
    Memory Leak fixed.

    Version August 8 2014
    SDK: Plugins can declare more than one chunk type

    Version August 5 2014
    Can now use any installed font in XMLGUIs

    Version August 4 2014
    Version July 24 2014
    Windows UI: Static Texts and Text Editors now supports non English text.

    Version July 21 2014
    Implemented target_mod=mult/add for many targets (eg, volume_mod)
    You can register bank.xml’s using import or drag
    font_size missing from StaticText

    Version June 20 2014
    Version June 17 2014
    Version June 9 2014
    Version June 2 2014
    sample_freq opcode implemented

    Version May 16 2014
    Version May 2 2014
    Version May 1 2014
    Multichannel effect return volumes too loud.

    Version April 15 2014
    Win: Fixed automatic .sfz reload when editing

    Version April 14 2014
    OS X: Better loading protection in Logic X
    OS X: Refresh issue on standalone when not registered

    Version April 10 2014
    Fixed regression in bank parsing

    Version April 3nd 2014
    Added Pan in graph
    Fixed some SFZ Error messages were not shown

    Version March 24 2014
    Fixed: Recalling sessions stalls under certain DAWs.

    Version March 14 2014
    Protection against some malformed sfz files.

    Version March 11 2014
    User presets appear in menus without a restart.

    Version March 03 2014
    Version February 26th 2014
    Assets do not reload across graph changes

    Version February 24th 2014
    Graph’s Stereo Mixer has configurable slider scaling

    Version February 19th 2014
    Version February 17th 2014
    XML GUI: Can now add/remove entries in both Preset and File Menus

    Version February 13th 2014
    Fixed: serializing of implicit CC7/CC10
    Fixed: non HD parameters should not cause interpolation

    Version February 11th 2014
    Added local help file support

    Version February 7th 2014
    Audio sub sections support

    Version February 5th 2014
    Added Internal MIDI Velocity Scaler

    Version February 4th 2014
    Fixed World’s SoleVoice processing

    Version January 29th 2014
    Added: Cancel button when loading big instruments
    Fixed: SFZ: More than one loop point in separate regions using same audio file.
    Fixed: SFZ: width now properly handled

    Version January 24th 2014
    Version January 20th 2014
    Version January 16th 2014
    Version January 15th 2014
    Version January 10th 2014
    Version January 9th 2014
    Instrument graphs parameter propagation fixes
    Scala files can now use non-ASCII file encodings

    Version December 20th 2013
    Version December 16th 2013
    Added MIDI Octave Transpose feature

    Version December 11th 2013
    Improved SFZ parsing efficiency

    Version December 5th 2013
    Added polyaft input controls and modulation
    Fixed all pass filter calculation error
    Fixed lfo->decim fixed
    Added freq_lfo and depth_lfo targets

    Version November 11th 2013
    FIX: instrument slot .ariap preset saving.
    FIX: Do not warn the user about duplicate #define’s

    Version October 30th 2013
    FIX: Potential crashes due to malformed strings

    Version October 29th 2013
    Version October 28th 2013
    OSX AU parameter fixes

    Version October 10th 2013
    Version October 3rd 2013
    Fixed reverse loop point points invalid message
    Fixed bug in Fruity Loops that killed the first note.
    Master presets captions are now recalled.

    Version September 26th 2013
    Version September 19th 2013
    Version September 18th 2013
    Version September 12th 2013
    Version September 6th 2013
    AAX Native 64 Support
    More assembly optimizations.

    Version June 27th 2013
    Version June 18th 2013
    Product interoperability protections

    Version June 12th 2013
    Effect latency reporting fixes.
    3rd Party SFZ usage on/off option (need product updates)

    Version June 5th 2013
    Only nag about a full product not being registered from within itself.

    Version May 30th 2013
    UI fixed multiple clicks on a button to make active
    Fixed band pass filter resonance

    Version May 24th 2013
    Version May 2nd 2013
    Implemented width, bitred and decim,
    Implemented $LVEL and $LKEY (Legato KEY/VEL) modulators

    Version April 9th 2013
    Various Bug Fixes
    Version March 5th 2013
    Added varXX opcode for addition math flexibility in modulation

    Version February 15th 2013
    pitch_keycenter=sample now works for files with no loop points.
    Internal support multichannel files in SFZ (need to be used in ARIA graphs)

    Version January 23th 2013
    Fixed crash in remote loading.

    Version January 21th 2012
    Added support for SFZ opcodes:
    amp_velcurve_xxx (SFZ 1.0)
    sw_vel=previous (SFZ 2.0)
    Added smoothing on xfcurves.
    Bug fix: lobend/hibend now works for edge cases (Thanks Randy!)
    Bug fix: Regression in power vs gain xfcurve parsing

    Version December 20th 2012
    Bug fix: Out of place file menu in ARIA Player
    Bug fix: Regression in effects GUI refreshes

    Version December 17th 2012

    Version December 12th 2012
    Bug fix: Engine-level CC7/CC10 handling conflicting with Stereo Stage.

    Version December 10th 2012
    Bug fix: Better handling of locc/hicc and similar opcodes when CC value
    did not originate from MIDI.

    Version December 4rd 2012
    Windows: Better Unicode support for menus and displays
    Internal Changes.

    Version November 16th 2012
    Added: Engine-level CC7/CC10 handling turned on only when not defined in SFZ files.
    Removed: confusing “Instrument Polyphony” global settings.
    Fixed: streaming stops if 64bit session reloaded on 32bit used 16GB MAX RAM sizes
    Windows: Fixed: “Not responding” caption when loading large files.
    Windows: Changed: folder pickup for a standard windows dialog.

    Version November 2nd 2012
    User SFZ folder selectable.
    Only user editable CCs appear in SFZ generic controls tab

    Version October 31th 2012
    Version October 30th 2012
    Fixed crash in reloading when a previous popup is active

    Version October 26th 2012
    Non-official bank SFZ’s are always reloaded when modified on disk.
    Various optimizations
    Version October 19th 2012
    Fixed OS X: DEP/NX bit crash in N-Track
    GUI: sub guis can now use param_offsets

    Version October 15th 2012
    - Stability and Performance Improvements
    Version Sept 12th 2012
    - Stability and Performance Improvements

    Version Sept 6th 2012
    Fixed: loading arrows crash when no libraries are installed.
    Fixed: OS X sound libraries not appearing under other user logins.

    Version Aug 27th 2012
    Fixed: Negative SFZ offset/offset_oncc loaded the entire sound in memory
    Fixed: FLAC files with embedded smpl chunks are now read properly.

    Version July 23th 2012
    SFZ Editing features added
    Better import user interaction

    Version July 16th 2012
    Bug Fixes:
    Slot’s Audio Output Menu display was wrong
    Finale 2011 instrument volumes were wrong
    SFZ Editing didnt not reload file after saving in external editor
    Channel Aftertouch invalidates AUX levels.

    Version June 15th 2012
    UI Refresh Bugs

    Version May 1st 2012
    Implemented lfoXX_fade SFZ 2.0 opcode
    Fixed missing MIDI events when using odd buffer sizes
    OS X: License fixes for UTF8 names

    Version March 22th 2012
    - various optimizations

    Version March 12th 2012
    - ampeg override added to SFZ spec.

    Version December 20th 2011
    - Send Effect Subgraphs

    Version December 1st 2011
    - Convolution Effect/Preset Box overhaul

    Version November 22rd 2011
    - More UI fixes

    Version November 15th 2011
    - GUIContainer fixes, loop_mode region vs file defaulting is now SFZ 2.0 compliant.

    Version November 1st 2011
    - Added Multi LFO.

    Version October 20th 2011
    - Fixed 24PCM Streaming Bug.

    Version June 8th 2011
    - UI Refresh bug fixes

    Version May 17th 2011
    - Implemented xfin_locc/xfin_hicc/xfout_locc/xfout_hicc/xf_cccurve
    - And completed xfXX_XXkey and xfXX_XXvel with proper gain vs power

    Version January 4th 2011

    Version December 3rd 2010
    - EG CC changes can be dynamic

    Version October 12th 2010
    - Various bug fixes and VMachine compatibility
    - OSX x86-64 compatibility

    Version August 23rd 2010
    - Remembering more UI settings on reload
    - As released in chipsounds 1.5

    Version August 10th 2010
    - Remembering more UI settings on reload